ACAMS (Association of Cameroonians In Stockholm)

Association of Cameroonians In Stockholm (ACAMS) is a not-for-profit and, an apolitical organization with the main objective of uniting and representing every segment of the Cameroonian community in Stockholm.
At ACAMS, it is our continuing mission to distil the intrinsic endowments of our pedigree community into tangible benefits for us.
Through our various cultural and tribal groups that include; ABES, BACDA, MECA and ABAS; we strive to promote our community identity and interests, provide a forum for information exchange, promote and preserve the Cameroonian culture, as well as represent our beloved Fatherland in Stockholm. All activities, projects and initiatives are organised via our various cultural and tribal groups and they are our main strength.

ACAMS a pour mission de rassembler et de représenter la communauté Camerounaise dans le respect de sa diversité, de promouvoir son identité et de défendre ses intérêts pour qu’elle devienne une force socio-culturelle.