Canon Australia Camera Gear Buy and Sell

For buying and selling Canon Camera gear.

1. Please post a photo of the item you wish to sell.

2. Please include a price with every item listed for sale.

3. Please also include your location.

4. No multiple posts of the same item.

5.You can bump the item once a day.

6. If your item sells, please delete the photo and post.

7. Do not post unless you are wanting to sell or buy.

8. When listing an item you wish to buy, please include what you are willing to pay.

9. It is for private use only.

10. Please don't comment on the price a seller has listed unless you are seriously interested in purchasing.

11. Any transactions are strictly between the buyer and seller. Under NO circumstances do the Admins of this page take responsibility for these transactions. As always, it is buyer beware!

*********MOST IMPORTANT********
This is the internet! Use common sense!

Thanks all!