Capgemini Chennai

A warm welcome to all CG buddies who works or worked in Chennai CG. No matter in MIPL, PCT, RMZ or any other place.

You might be wondering, why this group is created !
Well, I must say there are hell lot of things happening in CG (apart from the deliverable)... Many events, many gossips, many new people are being welcomed, many more old friends are bid goodbye.
So why don't we broadcast the happy parts of our CG (also some emotional) to all of us ? You know, in a single word 'Socializing'. Get to know each other, get helps from others and mostly we can have some fun, what do you say?

Well, hitting some scrappy confession and hiding behind the walls is an obsolete stuff. Rather we can talk openly and get the best out of this group.

You may post any event photos and videos. (Both cut & uncut ;) )

Reveal some fun story. (Don't talk about boring office works please)

Inquire about anything. ( ex : where is the dorm in our campus ? )

Ask for any recommendation. ( ex : I want to go for a date, suggest me any romantic place .. :P )

Use this group as a classified. - I have a strong belief that this group will get more posts and hits than our CG classified. ( you may want to sell your 3 yrs old car or 2 months old nail-cutter :P )

You may share your thoughts & emotions while leaving Chennai or CG ( don't over-cry, no one likes wet posts !! Rather create your farewell treat event, we all will celebrate in style )

Many more can be done in this group, with lots of fun and likes :)

So keep posting and have fun......

Hang on... Hang on...

Don't get so excited and post any nonsense thing.

Please do keep the group sober and clean.

Respect ladies (but you may admire their beauty) and try to respect guys as well.

Please please and please use English and only English everywhere. (No French)

Don't post any explicit content or abusive language. (You may have a tough time afterwards)

Don't offend anyone by your post. (Learn how to love and hit likes)

Don't post your individual pic. (No one gives a 'paper' to your 'freaking' DP, rather use that as FB profile pic) Group pics are most welcomed.

Last but not the least, don't discuss anything about your confidential work. (I hope you are not mad enough to carry work to FB even after completing 9 hours in impulse !)

So friends, go ahead and add your friends, lead (if you dare enough to add him/her in FB ;) ) and start posting. :)

Violation of any rules and messing the environment in the group will lead your profile to be blocked. (Chill, you are not going behind bars :P )

[Disclaimer : your posts, likes or comments have nothing to do with your Annual Rating or TEAMX score]