CARA Montrose Sunday Marathon Training

The new year is almost here and Delos would love to continue supporting Chicago Area Runners Association runners, however, our company was not selected as a sponsor for 2015. Before we say goodbye and in honor of a great relationship during the last two years, we'd like to give CARA runners one more opportunity to come see us for a complimentary session. We will continue to support your running endeavors and to help keep you healthy....we just can't do it through a formal relationship. In 2015, if you haven't been in to see us before and are a CARA member, you can use the code HAPPY HOLIDAYS to receive a complimentary 50 minuted Delos Therapy treatment in 2015 anytime you experience any pain or if you'd like to maximize your running performance. Our doors are always open and we'll continue to serve the great people we've met and continue to meet through the CARA organization. Happy Holidays from the Delos Team!