Carboot Sale 24/7

Welcome please read the rules:

No affiliate posts. Onl...y Admin ones.
ALL ADS MUST INCLUDE A PRICE (visable on the group wall) if for sale. OR they will be deleted.
Please include your location in all of your ads.
if you are listing more than three items then please create an album. 3 items/albums per day and 3 bumps on each of those. All we ask is that you dont "plaster" the group wall with all your own ads to be fair to other members.
To create an album go to the "photos" tab.

Best way to use this group
1) Scroll down the page to view ads
2)Use the search function (little magnifying glass) at the top right of the group wall.
to search for town or city or item title etc.

No Business/trader posts without prior consent from Admin. Admin decision is final.

No other group advertising and no firearms , knifes or anything illegal/ immoral and no "Adult" items/wanted/links.

Strictly no copies/fakes
Links to other facebook groups or ebay ads are not allowed.. including "get rich quick" and no "suppliments" or dieting posts and no party plan or ann summers or similar work from home or "commission" jobs.

No concert or event ticket sales.
No gaming machines/slot machines/fruit machines
No lost/found or event posts.

Block the Admin and you will be barred for life.
Swearing/abusive attitude on the group wall will get you banned for life.

Staying safe whilst trading: There are steps you can take to help ensure your transaction goes well. Here are a few:
Always pay by paypal, and pay the fees not send as gift. That way you have some help if the deal goes wrong. Always get the telephone number (and check it) of the seller.

Never pay by bank transfer unless you know the person personally.

Safe trading practices:
If a deal goes wrong try to contact the seller for a reasonable amount of time, if all fails then ring the sellers local police station and report it as a crime asking for an incident number.
As admins of this group we cannot be held responsible for anything that any of t
he members with in the group say or do, where possible we do try to act as quickly as possible and remove unwanted items or malicious posts, we do not have 24 / 7 coverage and there are times when there will not be an admin online. YOU are responsible for your own actions and your own comments and if something is said or done which you believe is against facebooks rules or policies then it is up to you to take that up directly with facebook and the member in question.