Cardiff University Caving & Canyoning Club

Welcome to the Facebook group for Cardiff University Caving Club.

We are one of the largest and most active university caving clubs in the UK, with day trips running every week on:-

Saturdays, Sundays (meeting at the kit store at 11) and;

Wednesday afternoons (meeting at 1),

For those of you who do not know where this is then we will be meeting at the back of the union (near Magic Wrap), where someone will show you the way.
There will also be regular weekends away to caves all over the country, plus a summer expedition to Austria every summer, finding and exploring new caves.

We meet every Thursday evening at The Vulcan Lounge in Cathays from 8:30 onwards.

We're a non-elitist group of boys and girls who share our time (almost) equally between pubs and caves. Our members range from rock-hard expedition-types to sissies who exist to prop up the bar. A few of them are a bit weird, but most are the sort of person that you wouldn't be embarrassed to hang around with! You do not have to be "Outdoor-Eddie" to get along with us, as we accept beer from anyone.... We're always welcoming new members and we still organise trips for complete beginners whenever necessary, so if you're new to the group or interested in giving caving a go, come along to the pub and say hi (and we promise not to ignore or laugh at you if you turn up on your own!)

Feel free to call or e-mail the President/Vice President at any time for more info or to sign up for trips:

Meshari Alsaeed- President

Soph Martin- Vice President