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It's about you, your passion, your car, and the great people tha...t shares the same interest in and around the Seattle area.

Seattle Cars & Coffee Facebook Group – Terms of Use
We request that users of the Seattle Cars & Coffee Facebook page be aware and follow the following guidelines:
-Topics must be related to car activities
-No solicitation or selling of services/products
-Postings must remain respectful and courteous to all users
Seattle Cars & Coffee reserves the right to remove any content at any time. Violation of our Terms of Use may result in loss of access to this Facebook group.

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Drive rules:
- No crossing yellow lines (with more than 25% of your car) unless it is absolutely unavoidable.
- SAFE passes only. If opposing traffic needs to swerve/slow down or signal in some way, it is clearly not a safe pass. Use common sense.
- No running red lights
- No passing by using shoulders
- No burnouts at meets/events, ever.
- No revving excessively at a meet or event, and never in a residential area.
- No littering. You b(r)ought the stuff, you take it home/dispose it properly