Clydebank Autism Support Network

This group is set up with the purpose of bringing support for parents carers and autistic kids and there familys in the community of Clydebank and surrounding areas.

We the members of Clydebank Autism Support Network
be committed to the purpose, objects and values of the group
be constructive about other members’ opinions in discussions, and in response to
committee members’ contributions at meetings
be able to act reasonably and responsibly when undertaking such duties and
performing tasks on behalf of the group
be able to maintain confidentiality on sensitive and confidential information especially
discussions held at committee meetings.
understand the need for confidentiality in relation to posts on Social Media. Do NOT
use the name of the group, or publicly share posts unless otherwise requested at any
time. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in being removed and blocked from
the group pages and could lead to expulsion from the group.
No discrimination about members past tense will not be tolerated and dealt with accordingly and good code of conduct to be practiced at all times
We advise the use of discretion when adding kids from the group to your personal
social media pages. Although this is at the sole discretion of the individual we would
strongly advise against this and the committee is in no way responsible or will take no
part in encouraging communication or contact with children via social media
be supportive of the values (and ethics) of the group, these being respect, tolerance,
inclusion, appropriate behaviour.
understand the importance and purpose of meetings, and be committed to preparing
for them adequately and attending them regularly
be able to analyse information and, when necessary, challenge constructively be able to make collective decisions and stand by them
be able to respect boundaries between executive and governance functions
If any committee members disagree and there seems no reasonable outcome the chair will revoke admin privileges and report it to Clad & CVS For guidance
basic code of conduct
attached to
Clydebank Autism Support Network
Sworn in by
The body of the group
motioned by Chair seconded treasurer & secretary and Approved by
Gerard Macwhirter
Chairman Clydebank Autism Support Network....