Caymanians United For Beloved Cayman Islands

Caymanians United for Beloved Cayman Islands...Caymanians United for short, is a FB group by caymanians for caymanians.

It will embrace all Caymanians whether you are first generation caymanian, by way of status, or can trace your roots back to Christopher Columbus when he discovered us in 1503.

We aim to use this forum to discuss and even debate the issues that affect the Caymanian people. We shall do so with integrity and with respect for the opinions that are proffered by other fellow Caymanians.

We shall provide an outlet for Caymanians to network and openly and honestly share personal issues that may affect them; in the hope that, the larger family of Caymanians will give a heart, listening ear and hopefully, extend a hand up. So job openings and prospecting for employees - tangible help.

We shall CELEBRATE Caymanians everywhere: our food, speach, culture and heritage. Affirm and encourage one another: Our history is rich and captivating. Our present is with great opportunity for a future that is as bright and vibrant as the sun rays. We are with hope and this forum of Caymanians shall showcase, promote and embrace all that it means to be Caymanians.

Finally we are non-partisan and solutions driven. We shall always educate and elevate.

Caymanians from within and around the world are welcome to join.