Concerned Citizens of West Warwick, RI

Welcome to the ORIGINAL Concerned Citizens Of West Warwick Facebook group. (Note: This is not an “Official” group, as no such group exists)

This group was created for the citizens and business owners of West Warwick to discuss their concerns, thoughts and ideas about our hometown. Your CONCERNS and opinions are the priority here.

This is a lightly moderated forum, as endorsed by a vast majority in a poll of our members. In order to keep this group as friendly and useful as possible, and to prevent posts expressing genuine concerns from being lost in a mix of ads, memes and other “stuff”, the admins ask, for the benefit of all members that you adhere to our guidelines.

We agree that these guidelines seem excessive, but they came about over time, out of necessity, in order to keep this group from becoming a stream of useless information, personal attacks, and advertisements, which I think we all get enough of from everywhere else on the internet. If, despite this explanation, you feel that our guidelines are “over the top” then this group probably isn’t what you’re looking for.

Please take a couple of moments to read our guidelines.