Cebu | PlayStation Gamers United

FOUNDED - February 21, 2010

Welcome fellow Filipino/Cebuano PlayStation Gamers and Enthusiasts from all over!

We are the ONLY Pioneering, Legit, and Active PlayStation Group here in Cebu, Philippines!

CPGU strives to provide an unbiased sanctuary for all gamers to share their knowledge and experience in the field of gaming in general while keeping our core field (PlayStation). Our members are not only limited in Cebu City, but also from different parts of the Philippines and the world.

So, feel free to share your knowledge/news about ANY PS product! (PS1-PS4, PSP, PS Vita). Show off your set-up, give reviews about a specific game, ask questions, Visit our Buy and Sell thread, or even post your gaming PC set-up, XB1, or any other platform! We seriously don't mind at all! :D

Brief History and what the Group is all about:

Cebu PlayStation Gamers United started when Paul Rogi Tan created a group page in Facebook for the sole purpose of reaching and getting connected to console gaming enthusiasts around Cebu. We started afew but eventually spreading through a friend to another made us who we are right know. Most of us only knew each other online but became really good friends even from the disparity of our age, profession and ways of living since we shared the same passion. The group was created to build a connection between gamers at times when we wanted to play online together, share latest news and insights in the gaming world, and help solve and understand technical problems in relation to PlayStation.

The administration of the group is headed by Paul Rogi Tan together with Alain Philippe Zurita, Doi Ballesteros, James Hernaez & Nunzio Malasomma.The group promotes anti-piracy advocacy, banning members who hacked their gaming consoles and teach them how piracy would affect the gaming industry to support the game developers to continue producing more & better games.


+ To reach out to people who believed that playing games is not to promote violence but a way of passion and a means of entertainment.
+ To organize tournaments as a fund raising activity to support charity to justify that we are not only into gaming but concerned citizens as well.
+ To Promote responsible and clean PS gaming through disciplining and pushing fellow PS gamers not to pirate/jailbreak their PS consoles as this would hurt both the developers and their profit.
+ To let the public know that we exist as a friendly PS community and we welcome anyone to join our group.
+ To vindicate ourselves to those people who have the wrong notion that we are antisocial. Yes Kids, We have real friends, watch movies together, Host EB's/meetups, have our own families/kids, are Students/University Grads, drink alcohol, smoke, And have girlfriends & rent prostitutes - JUST.LIKE.YOU.

Like our Official Facebook page for upcoming public events, tournaments, and charity/fund raising events!

Long.Live.Play \m/