China Entrepreneur Network at Michigan State University

China Entrepreneur Network (CEN): its mission is to develop leaders for a sustainable future. We believe entrepreneurs are critical to make a better and sustainable world, especially amid the era of economic turmoil.
We will focus on young Chinese entrepreneurs, field leaders, students, scholars and Chinese community at large, and we will facilitate members and the community in networking and learning through a variety of activities, including but not limit to seminars, salons, case studies, debates, mock interviews, pitches of business plan, round table discussion, competitions, and social gathering, etc.
The main theme of CEN will be business-oriented, but we will touch on many different fields from multiple perspectives, such as environmental, IT, policies, education, and social issues, etc.
We aims to enhanced and inspired both entrepreneurship and sense of social responsibilities. We are headquartered in Michigan, and we are looking forward to expanding our network.