Change the Criteria

This group aims to centralise the support for changes to the educational support funding criteria for children on the ASD spectrum in the state of Victoria. You can show your support by posting ONLY topic related information. The number of members will reflect the support in the community at large, and will indicate to the decision makers how much this ridiculous criteria needs to be changed.
A group email address has been set up - more on that later.
Please share these details with as many people as possible and give them the chance to show their solidarity with families in Victoria whose children are at serious risk of losing their additional education support funding.
Please, when discussing these criteria, if you feel the urge to bag out a politician, please DO NOT do this - say as much as you like about the policy, but please nothing about the politicians personally (as a collective, go right ahead). I will have to delete you if you do, and I don't want the numbers of this group to go down!!!!
Thanks for your support.