Chargers Fun Zone!

Chargers Fun Zone is meant to be just that.....FUN!!

WELCOME! If you are reading this, you have found the Chargers Fun Zone. Please familiarize yourself with the page rules below. I believe they will be easy to follow.

This is a page where you can relax and post pics, memes, trash talk about other teams (especially about the raiders), tell Chargers related stories, etc...

This group is meant to give you an alternative place to go if you are not satisfied with another group, or just so you can do things here that you cannot elsewhere. This group was not created to take members away from other Chargers pages, but rather to provide another outlet in addition to the pages you already enjoy.

Profanity is allowed, but let's not go fucking crazy with it.

There will be no attacking fellow Chargers fans in here. Failure to comply will get you banned from the group.

Hate talk, racism, bigotry, and other comments that are meant to hurt or anger others will also get you banned.

This page is not an online store. IF you have something you want to sell, you must clear it through an administrator (me) before posting. Most likely, I will say, "no".

Please sell tickets on the Chargerlist Facebook page, not here.

I reserve the right to create more rules as time goes by, but for now, that's it!

Now have some fun!!!