ChE 317 Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis

This is a support group for students in ChE 317 Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis at the University of Texas Austin.

The purpose of this group is to mainly act as a catalyst; that is, facilitate learning, encourage knowing your colleagues, studying in groups, asking questions anytime, helping one another, and learning from each other.

You may post on this page any questions you might have any time outside of office & recitation hours. The idea is that all students can benefit from each others' questions, the posted answers are there for everyone to see, and students can even help each other out. Of course, I (and the other TAs) will be monitoring the posts for accuracy and any corrections; this is only to ensure that correct information is being disseminated and should not discourage anyone from posting any responses. Feel free to participate however you see fit; we'll let you know if we think you're wrong, and we encourage you to reciprocate. Upon reviewing an answer, I (or any of the other TAs, or whoever else in class for that matter, will "like" a post to indicate that we agree with a response and that it has been reviewed).

Finally, please remember to adhere to our honor code. Make some new friends, and I look forward to a great semester with ya'll!