Chemistry Students' Association - University of Alberta

The CSA is a group of dedicated undergraduate chemistry students who work to get chemistry students involved with their degree! We host a variety of events including Games Nights, Information Sessions and our Careers in Chemistry Night. The CSA also acts as a student liaison between the Department of Chemistry and other professionals.

You can find us in Chem E3-15 of the Gunning/Lemieux Chemistry Centre on Main Campus. We have old exams, candy, and an open door policy where you can ask us about classes or just about anything! We also have a full sized fridge and microwave!

Executive Group
Co-Presidents: Nicole Jankovic
VP Finance: Jose Rodriguez
VP Outreach: Harshbir Singh Kang
VP Internal: Prabin Nepal
VP Student Life: Marija Jankovic, Karen Hoy
VP Administration: Brian Beck

Contact Info:
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- email:
- twitter: @chemsauofa
- instagram: @chemsauofa
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