Chicago 35 And Up Entertainment

We hope you enjoy this group, but there are some simple rules all must follow to keep this group enjoyable and respectable:

1. You must be 35 or older to join this group. Exceptions can be made at the moderators’ discretion, so there is no need to start a post asking if you can stay because you're under 40. If you made the cut...just enjoy the group.

2. No promotions of any kind. Promoting and advertising will cause immediate removal from the group. Promotions include advertising your business, product or plugging a party or event. If you would like to promote on this page, please inbox one of the admins and discuss options.

3. No disrespecting other members and their opinions. Keep it respectful at all times. This means NO SCREENSHOTS blasting a member that inboxes you. Block that member is all that we can suggest.

4. Memes of sexual nature include: nipple, booty crack, camel toe, penis print, ****pornographic video, oral sex, sexual position rather cartoon or real people.**** <this can get you put out the group without warning.

5. No name calling. Memes using the words of nigga, h*es, bi*ches, pu**y, d*ck and f*ck are not allowed. If these words are used to attack a member, your posting will be deleted and you'll be issued a warning.

6. There will be no gay bashing or anything that points to anti-gay or anti-homosexuality.

7. No fight videos whatsoever.

8. Blocking of admins is unacceptable. Admins have to be able to comment or open all posts in the group. Refusal will result in removal from group.

We also reserve the right to delete any files the group finds to be offensive or distasteful even if it doesn't violate any of our rules.

Any violations of these rules will warrant a private inbox warning. If it happens again you will be removed.

If you have a concern please contact one of the admins.

Please introduce yourself with a picture and if you enjoy, please add your friends.

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