Chi Omega Michigan State University Xi Gamma

Having just visited MSU for the first time(with my Chio in training T-3years) in 20 years it brought back a lot of forgotten memories especially when driving by what were the Delt and Beta Houses. I have shared countless stories and pictures with my eager teenage daughter, and after seeing the Delt group site I thought it would be great to have a place "group" to toss around photos (tagged for those of us who are so displaced that the names have left us....) stories ANYTHING! If there is interest out there, I have left it open to anyone, so invite away......however, it can be changed to private or secret..... the Delt site allows "fans" like old Polish Wedding Partners to join.... so for now I have just pulled this together on a rudimentary bas and would love ideas, REALLY want some feedback and photos etc. and I will definitely change this paragraph from jumble to coherent once some of the cool kids think it might be a good the elect it is....can all be elect? Hardly! Invite, post, and someone request to administer with me.... I am just interested in what is going on with all of you and having more stories to tell! Thanks!