Coles & Surrounding Areas *~RESALE~*

This is a resale or Ur Own Business advertizement, site for people in the coles county and surrounding areas to sell items..
if u are added & Not from around here, Its ok,
as long as if u make a Deal
, u Follow through with the Deal!!
If u can make an album on here for sellin Your stuff it might be easier,
or make ur own album on ur fb page n share on here!
I do say try to post pics of ur items just to Help the Buyers!
It doesnt matter to me, as long u try to delete ur SOLD Items!! I wil go threw and delete after a while so page dont fill up!! But not Unless its Sold!! Postin on this wall gets hard for everyone to find posts even after a day! so lets try to work together and post and delete when sold!!
Thanks a bunch!! tooo many rules on the other sites!! lets see how this one can go ;) lets havefun and sell stuff ;) ♥ ♥