Cambridge/Isanti Area Online Yard Sale


:: Just a few things to make note of ::

• Please be courteous and remove your posting when the item sells, and when your local sale has ended. {If you cannot remove your posting, please comment on your item "SOLD" or "FOUND", and the administrators can delete it for you.}

• Posts consisting of work from home and direct selling {ex. Paparazzi, Tupperware, Scentsy, Jewelry in Candles, body wraps, weight loss shakes} are not allowed.

• Please only post a specific item(s) once every 3 days. This allows people to see new and different things, and keeps the page looking more like a yard sale and not a clutter sale. {Please note that repeat offenders on the bumping issue will have their posts removed without warning}

• Animal breeder sales are NOT allowed. Pets that are being rehomed are acceptable.

• If you are posting multiple items, ESPECIALLY clothing, please make an album for all of your items. When bumping multiple items, please only bump the album. This prevents a traffic jam of clothing items clogging up the feed. Making an album for your items also ensures that a potential customer has access to all of your items in one place which may mean a bigger sale for you! {There is a file titled 'How to Make an Album from Your Mobile Phone' under the Files tab if you need specific instructions on how to do so.}

• Links to your items in other groups will be automatically deleted. People that are not members of the group that you are linking to cannot see your post. Please upload your photos and albums directly to this group.

:: Please include a brief description of your item(s), the asking price and the city in which you live.
:: Please feel free to post about items that you are seeking to purchase.
:: Advertise your local garage sale, yard sale, estate sale, bake sale, or community sale. Please include the dates, times and location of your sale.
:: Free items
:: Items for up-cycling and re-purposing
:: Swaps/trades
:: Blue links to other local online sale groups/pet related groups/local community groups may be posted in the comments section of the document titled accordingly located under the Files tab.

• We do our best to filter through incoming requests to join for spammers. If we miss one and you see a spam post, please tag either one of the admins and we will be sure to ban them and remove the post!

• Please keep all posts and inquiries respectful and family friendly. Adult content or X-rated posts will not be tolerated.

• Please include the city in which you are located in the item description.

** {If you are having an issue with someone, please hash it out yourself. The admins are NOT the common sense and common courtesy police. And NUMBER ONE rule for these for-sale groups... TEST THE ITEM BEFORE YOU HAND OVER YOUR HARD EARNED CASH!!!! It's the only way to protect yourself in a hand to hand, as is, no refund, no receipt, no surveillance system transaction.} **

*Updated 7/3/2014