Christians in Commerce Campus Club @ Arizona State University

Christians in Commerce Campus Club @ Arizona State Uniersity focuses on the areas of mentorship, leadership, and business ethics in the workplace.

Christians in Commerce's purpose is to transform where we work (offices, schools, factories, hospitals, construction sites, etc.) into places where the love and power of Christ is present and we produce goods and services with excellence.

A young man's and woman's time at college is intended to be a time of preparation for life and career.

In order that students may conclude their college experience as well rounded individuals ready to assume roles in today's marketplace, Christians in Commerce is expanding into campus clubs where young men and young women might be introduced to the ideal of integrity, being a Christian at work, school, home and church. Members of the local Greater Phoenix Area Men's and Women's Chapters attend these meetings as well, to provide living examples of the ideals of Christians in Commerce.

At Christians in Commerce we believe you must own something before you can give it away. Our first and continuing action is to grow in holiness and develop our personal relationship with Jesus The Christ. From a position of grace we then share our life and experiencewith others by initing them to join us in the Challenge of being Christian Men and Women where God has placed us in our business ans personal lives.

We would like to invite any young men and women who are searching for faith and meaning in their lives to join us in our search for an authentically male and female Christian spirituality.

We especially invite young men and women who think being a Christian should involve more than a few hours on Sunday to join us in living this challenge.

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