Citizens for Berrien County.

Welcome to Citizens for Berrien County.

This group was started as a way for Citizens to help educate each other in the goings on of Berrien County. Some of us live in “town” some of us live way out in the county. But regardless of where we live, we are all still Berrien County and we should support each other.

I would like to think of this group as an “open mike” where you can say what you feel the need to. You can question things that are going on in our community. You may get your feelings hurt, you may get offended. Just remember everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to it.

While you are allowed to put whatever is on your mind here. I do ask that you keep it “clean”. Facebook does allow Children under 18 on this site. So let’s mind our “granny and preacher” manners (don’t say words you wouldn't say in front of your Granny or your Preacher!!) NO cursing will be allowed. I will warn you once.

I like all people do have my opinion. You will see it from time to time on here. My opinion is solely my opinion, just like everyone else’s on here.

I am adding this in, since I've had several comment upon it. With almost 2000 members it would be entirely unreal to ask me, or anyone else for that matter to "check" and make sure members are actual county citizens. Also, those who are commenting may not actually live in the county, but keep in mind, they may own properties, or have a friend or relative in our county who needs to know what is going on. In other words they may have just as much interest in county happenings as you.

With all of that good stuff said. Let’s be courteous, and considerate with our post. But still let everyone know what is going on in Berrien County. We as citizens have the right to know.