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WELCOME to our Family Room! Television Yesteryear is a community of CLASSIC TELEVISION enthusiasts.

This group was founded on July 31st, 2011 to serve, primarily, as a marketing venue with the purpose of promoting the products of our retail partner, As we earn affiliate income by providing traffic to Zazzle, we would greatly appreciate your patronage of their website.

Our retailtainment experience celebrates the invention and development of electronic television [beginning in 1927] as well as its experimental, formative and commercial broadcast history [aka the “Golden Age” and the “Classic Era” of television], ending circa. 1977.

We proudly maintain a very strict adherence to both our subject focus and to our Family-Friendly [G rated] community standards. Please do not post OFF-SUBJECT material herein [including Hollywood film history and/or "post-CLASSIC" television productions.] Such contributions are promptly removed at our discretion.
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Our formal and comprehensive GROUP GUIDELINES can be found HERE:

Contributions herein that are judged to be abusive, vulgar, profane or OFF-TOPIC are subject to immediate removal without warning or explanation. We have a ZERO tolerance for abusive behavior and maintain a "1960 Broadcast Standard" as it pertains to the use of civil language. Thank you, kindly!

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Milestone Dates:

07/31/2011 :: Founding Date
06/04/2013 :: 1000 Members
11/21/2013 :: 5000 Members