Clean Up Cambodia Network

All to all my dearest friends, my aim for creating this group is to seek support from you guys to promote the idea of keeping Cambodia nice and clean. I know it is going to be a long process but this is a starting point. Since I have been back to Cambodia on a few occasions I have noticed that the country needs our help. We can promote the idea or the proverb of something like... "Your Country Your Home....Keep It Clean". I know in Cambodia it is almost a habit that everyone throws rubbish in public places with carefree.

Recently the government has implemented a law on public littering and it is a great idea for the starting point after so many years of political unrest in the country. So as Khmer abroad I think we can do so much help and educate the general public in Cambodia to develop a good habit of not throwing rubbish at public places and to put it in good practice...

Take Australia for example it is considered to the cleanest country in the world considering it's giantic size as a country. All because the people have put it into good practice of keeping the country clean. They even have a "Clean Up Australia Day". Soon with your support I will implement day for "Clean Up Cambodia Day" where we can organise fundraising event each year to collect funds and put it towards buying cleaning facility and disseminate it at any given location around the country.

Do join me for the good course. Together we will make a difference...!!!
Please forward your ideas and all welcome...!!!!