Clydesdale and Heavy Horses Western Australia

Clydesdale and Heavy Horses Western Australia is a group for people who love the Clydesdale and other breeds of heavy horse, such as Shires, Percherons, Gypsy Cobs, Drum Horses, Heavy Horse Crosses and Australian Draft Horses etc. The aim of this group is to promote and foster the interest in Clydesdales and Heavy Horses. We aim to be a forum for information sharing and to assist people in getting the best from their heavy horse. Please feel free to post questions (even those silly ones) :) photos of your beloved horses, show or clinic information, whether it be in hand, harness, ridden, pleasure and companionship. And any other information that you would like to share for the positive benefit of other heavy horse lovers.

We do not represent any horse society or association but are purely for the love of the heavy horse breeds.

Please note that the administrator of the page is Emma Iddison and that I reserve the right to delete posts or members that engage in slanderous, derogatory, nasty comments or behaviour. There will be no warnings. Above all this site will remain clean and friendly was set up to be a fun and informative discussion group.