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What Is The Date Of Final Judgment?

The determination of the date of the final judgment between Comandclem Nigeria Limited and Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited over patent right (RP:13522 ) infringement litigation, and breach of sole supplier status agreement in the Supreme court of Nigeria (SC/69/2011) is within 3 months after the conclusion of evidence and final addresses.

This principle of law was demonstrated by Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad Justice, Court Of Appeal when he said and I quote.

"Section 294(1) of the 1999 Constitution stipulates that: Every court established under this Constitution shall deliver its decision in writing not later than ninety days after the conclusion of evidence and final addresses and furnish all parties to the cause or matter determined with duly authenticated copies of the decision within seven days of the delivery thereof.

Per; IBRAHIM TANKO MUHAMMAD Justice, Court of Appeal
, Suit No: CA/A/142/02 (Pp 19,Paras C-D)

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