Communism 101


This p...age is for mostly serious discussion of communist basics. As we've been around for a few years now, we've noticed some questions popping up frequently. PLEASE READ THE FAQ before posting a question-if your question has already been asked/answered, you will be redirected and your post may be deleted. You can also try using the Search bar at the top right of the page to find what you're looking for.


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* Strict don't-be-an-ass policy. Play nice, unless you see a class enemy. Don't levy the term lightly. Assume that you are talking to other communists until you are given a reason not to engage in good faith with other posters. No snitchjacketting or disrespect for member security practices.

* Zero tolerance for misogyny, racism, transphobia, ableism, etc. Your post will be deleted and you will be banned. Be mindful of the difference between contradictions among the people and contradictions between the people and the enemy. Don't treat the former as the latter. Fascists and fascist sympathizers will be banned.

* Link spamming is not allowed and the posts will be deleted. If you want to share an article or video make sure you point out in your post why this is relevant and what parts are worth talking about. If you keep link spamming, you'll be banned.

* In your posts and comments, do not associate yourself or any other member of the group with any outlawed political party or organization. Any such careless action that compromises the security of members will not be tolerated.

* Don't derail threads. If a new question evolves out of a discussion, start a new post to ask it.

* This group is not your Facebook wall, nor is it your blog. While your feelings are important, this group is not the place to post them. Stream of consciousness posts are generally not welcome.

* Admins have a ban first, ask questions later approach. For example, if you are being a transphobic piece of shit, you will immediately be banned but given the opportunity to self-criticize in a private chat with an admin. We will reconsider membership if you are genuine and membership agree.

* Admins are neither omniscient nor omni-present. If you see material or people that should be banned. either report the post or tag some admins. Admins are accountable to recall by the membership on the basis of the mobilization of a substantial portion of the membership plus half of the admin. Do not block any of the admins. Those who block admins will be banned and have their posts deleted.