Communist Case File

Hello all, John Harper here. I decided it would be good to have a publically available resource of links and resources shared by debaters, as a supplement to our own secret case files. While I see the pragmatic reasons for keeping things secret, its sad in a collective action way. If we share interesting and debate relevant links the general standard of competitions should improve. And if nothing else rooms where no-one knows what they’re talking about are depressing.

Add links below with a brief description of what they contain and its relevance for debates. Or post a request for information on a specific topic.

To avoid spam we are currently only adding members who have friends already in the group, if you are a real human being who wants to join please PM one of the admins. We will also delete any posts that are offensive or off-topic at our whim, this includes any advertising of debating competitions, there are other places to do that.