Falkland Islands Community Board

This is an open group promoting community events and providing information to the Falkland Islands community. If you are planning a community event and want to reach a wide audience, then this is the place! From sheep shows to May Ball's, two-nighters to flea markets or fundraising dips in the sea, we want to know about it!

Whilst we are happy for you to post pictures of your missing cat or a wandering hen that has made it’s way into your yard, please remember to let everyone know when lost pets find their way home so everyone knows to stop looking.

This is a community page so no political, abusive or provocative comments or promoting items for sale (unless it’s a one-off post advertising a new service etc). Please don’t post any moans or groans either, most of us don’t want to hear them. You may find such posts being regularly deleted.

Remember to keep it clean, it’s a family show after all!