Concerned Citizens of Faribault

A forum exclusively for citizens and business owners of Faribault to address the issues of the city or schools.

We wish to have the lines of communication open between the general public and our elected officials as well as our emergency services, educational system and public works dept.

It is our civic duty to speak up and City Hall's duty to listen. Our concerns and praises are key to open communication and good governess.

Posts and comments are not only welcomed but encouraged and they can be about anything having to do with Faribault.

Feel free to agree or disagree with others in this group but please do so with respect and without personal threats or attacks.

We welcome debates, but only in a mature and civil manner.

The group in general decides when lines are crossed and if removal and blocking of individuals become nessesary. As supporters of free speech we hope that doesn't have to happen.

Please indicate in your profile, or message to admin or current members, that you do live or own a business in Faribault when joining or membership acceptance may be ignored or delayed.

Group Created February 26th 2014