No Bull Paranormal Research

Welcome to the Facebook group of the No Bull Paranormal Researc...h Organisation!

As the name suggests, we are a paranormal research organisation, but one without the usual bull.

We actively investigate across the whole of the United Kingdom but have a particularly strong presence in the South West of England and South Wales.

We are a scientific paranormal research organisation – we do not endorse psychics, mediums, Ouija boards, table tipping or any other spiritual activity passed off as evidence. In fact, we will go out of our way to disprove anything previously presented as fact by these methods.

While it can be fun, spiritualism and its related activities are the reason that many who choose to study the paranormal are ridiculed by mainstream science and scientists. We are denounced as crackpots or cranks even when we openly and aggressively reject spiritualist methodology.

As such, these ‘techniques’ are best reserved for the entertainment of guests at events or for the deplorable culture of parting grieving people from their hard earned money – which seems to be the sole use of these techniques by many so-called psychic mediums.

As an organisation we have realised that as long as the paranormal scene continues to openly embrace such methods then it is doomed to never be accepted as a mainstream field of study by sceptical scientists – a group of people that it is hard enough to convince of the legitimacy of our field of study without offering, as apparent evidence of paranormal activity, something that would be more at home at Hogwarts than a serious scientific institution.

So we founded the No Bull Paranormal Research Organisation specifically to combat this trend. Our team members were previously all members of the Cornish Paranormal Group, later known as Cornish Paranormal Research, a long-standing and well-respected group operating in the United Kingdom.

We are the members of that group that wanted to openly reject and challenge spiritualism within the paranormal, a group of lifelong enthusiasts frustrated by the acceptance of dubious evidence as scientific fact.

As a science–based paranormal research organisation our methods are very much based on hard, recordable and provable, data and the attempt to attain indisputable visual evidence of paranormal activity, we use scientific equipment and experiments firmly based in science to find the most likely natural explanation for phenomena.