Cerebral Palsy & Physical Disabilities Links

Welcome to our NEW Cerebral Palsy & Physical Disabilities Links Group!

This page has been set up by parents of children and young people with Cerebral Palsy and physical disabilities. This group gives you a safe and private space to share information, access mutual support, keep up to date on news and events and tell us about the issues that you are facing.

Do you have a child that has recently been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy or any other physical disability? Are you feeling overwhelmed with questions and concerns? Are you a parent/carer whose child may be going through a transition stage or feel there may be unmet needs? Do you need information or signposting to the necessary agencies? This group will hold a useful bank of resources for parent/carer members to access at their convenience without being overwhelmed with medical jargon and unnecessary worry. By becoming a member of the group we can connect you with experienced parents and young people with Cerebral Palsy & Physical Disabilities, who will be happy to share their experiences, advice and answer any specific questions you may have. The focus of our group is being able to provide valuable reassurance at what may be a difficult time. Ensuring there is always a line of communication open.

It is our aim to network with various agencies and professionals and produce a valuable source of accurate and up to date information on different services, activities and facilities available to our children and young people in Lincolnshire. Although we say support for Lincolnshire, we do not wish to be exclusively just for Lincolnshire. We would like to encourage regional meets including coffee mornings and events for all families. We are very aware as parents that a lot of children and young people access services in different counties and by working together we can grow a network of families and parents to ensure equality across all counties and services.

We plan to hold many events over the coming months, from drop in clinics, coffee mornings to family fun days so please do keep up to date with the group news. Equally if you have any news or events you feel would benefit the group please feel free to share with our members.
Most importantly – this group is a means of support when needed the most but also a place to gain further information related to local & national services, empowering families to make well informed decisions for their children!

If this group is what you are looking for please have a read of our Guidelines for use and become a member today!