Creative Online Strategy with Meighan O'Toole

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1. Please feel free to post your questions and share resources about social media, creating an online presence, and navigating the world of being a creative business, etc.

2. Before you post a question, search the group first to see if the question has been answered. There is a search button up in the right hand corner under the banner. If you find a thread that poses the same question, chime in there! People will be pinged and you’ll most likely get more engagement there.

3. Help out too! If you have experience around someone’s question, dive in and help them. This community happens because you are here!

4. Only share content about social media, creating an online presence (blogging, email marketing, community management, how to build a following, etc), navigating being an online business, helpful resources, etc.

5. No self promotion or selling of your own products or services. Your post will be removed. We have a monthly brag thread, so keep an eye out for that.