The Creative Zone Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Has alot of Talented and Gifted individuals who would like to expose there creations. This Group is basically for those to have what it take to be the best at what you were born to do. Please upload ya creations music, Arts. sounds.videos, etc.. and share your ideas or promote ya work.. feel free to drop a battle if things get a little outta hand..ENJOY AND LEARN....PNGs Got Talent

Should any member of the group have any battles to throw, please do not hesitate to inbox the following admins:


This is an open link and anyone intrested to business with any of the members are most welcome. Directors or any companies willing to post links for position vacancies or any information regarding employment or events are most welcome to do so.

Should any member of the group be interviewed by media regarding Creative Zone PNG must first seek proper permission from admins. Result in failing to do so will you be removed from the Zone immidiatley without further questions.


CZPNG Cyber Battles
This year I have put together rules and policies to follow on CZPNG. The following information provided is a guideline on how the entire CZPNG Network moves and how we can establish proper communication to build this community in PNG via Facebook.
1. A theme will be given at the beginning of the Battle and each individual will battle using the theme.
2. We Have 5 different Battles this year and these are:
- Graphics
- Poems
- Graffiti Art
- Photography
- Realistic / Cartoon Sketching

3. Abstracts’ and Vectors can be used in your Artwork when doing graphic design
Warning: If you use a Copyright image on your artwork and a problem arises. CZPNG will not be held responsible for your actions. You will be referred and you will be disqualified from battle.

4. The individual must have the necessary accessories to participate in our Graphic Battles
This includes:
- a PC or Apple iMac
- Software’s Adobe Collection CS – CS5_PhotoShop and Illustrator (Adobe Collection Suite) is an exception.
- Scanner
- Email Address

5. The individual must have the necessary accessories to participate in our Graffiti Battles
This includes:
- Spray Cans ( more then one color)
- White Canvases Size: 6000mm x 4000mm or depending on what our client wants.
- Spray Can Caps
- Camera

6. The individual must have the necessary accessories to participate in our Poem Battles
This includes:
- Email Addresses

7. The individual must have the necessary accessories to participate in our Photography Battles
This includes:
- Mobile Camera: 1600x1200 pxl
- Camera 0.6plx ,0.7 pxl, etc
- Hi-Def Camera

8. The individual must have the necessary accessories to participate in our Sketch / Cartoon Battles
This includes:
- Plain white Paper (Sizes may vary)
- Pencils HB, 2B, 4B and 6B
- Ball Point Pen

9. All artists must register before battle.
10. Only Individuals above 15 years are eligible to participate in CZPNG Battles.
11. In a Graphic battle, Artists are allowed to illustrate with paint and pencils and turn it into a graphic artwork depending on what the theme is.

12. All participants are only allowed to post no more then two artworks each and must have the following info on your caption
- Title of the Battle:
- A brief description of your artwork :
- Entry No#:
- Battle Nick Name:

13. All Graphic artwork must be uploaded by the following instructions

- Resolution: Mid res
- Color Mode: RGB Standard
- Web Image: size 400mm x 200mm
- A silhouette of your logo must be on your artwork to avoid your images from being used or stolen.
- Images must be saved as a web image

Judging and Judges
Criteria for Judging Artwork
1. Creativity and Skills
2. Ability to understand and express the theme
3. Color combination – the use of colors is important as it speaks of what you want to express it is called an attention grabber.
4. Illustration – your illustration will be judged accordingly. Remember any mistake in your illustration can loose your points
5. Toning
6. Artwork must speak for itself

Criteria for Poems
1. Words used must make sense about what you want to express to the audience.
2. Rhyme’s must be clear,
3. Individual line must tell a story
4. Parables must be clear
5. Slangs can be used and use of explicit language must be limited
6. Your poem must be short and sharp
Bonus points will also be given to the work that has the most votes (Likes). The more likes you get, the greater chance of winning. In this instance if your work does not meet the criteria level but somehow get the most likes, you will be eligible to make you way to the top of the list.

1. Jack Avai
Founder/ Photographer / Graphic Artist / Creative / Final Cut and Motion Video Editor
Creative Zone Papua New Guinea
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

2. Colleen Kopyoto
Masters in Graphics and After Effects Editor
Cold Media Productions
Canberra, Australia

3. Kevin W Soli
Graphic Artist and Illustrator
Kumul Designs

4. Thomas Moi
Graphic Artist / Pen Illustrator
Kutout Dezigns
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

1. Should your artwork be claimed false you will be disqualified and your name will be posted on the wall with a disqualifying notice. If this happen for the second time you will not be able to participate in any battles and will be removed from the group immediately.
2. If you do not register you will not be allowed to participate and your artwork will be ignored.
3. Explicit images or pornographic images on artworks posted on the zone will lead to your disqualification.
How to Register for CZPNG Battles

1. All your Contact details must be given to the CZPNG Admin. This includes:
- Phone Number
- Email Address
- Battle Name
- Address
2. Registration fee will be sent as credits to the admin Jack on 7201 4902. Amount for the battle varies depending on the cost of the artwork. This will be posted on the Zone when a battle is announced.
3. A confirmation message will then be sent to you and a network will be established between you and CZPNG.
Should you have problems regarding the Battle or CZPNG, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

Phone: 675 72014902 or