Crochet Lounge

A lounge of ♥ for "hookers" 18+ from all walks of life. Sharing... beautiful crochet work as well as our lives. Crochet is our passion, so come on in and bring a hook!

We form friendships, share life's trials and tribulations (some more than others), the good and the bad. This is not a Crochet only group, so please take good care of your own environment -- the Crochet Lounge Basics document explains more of how to do so.

Since there are off topic posts that sometimes either the young, the elderly or those with different backgrounds may not agree, these will be posted with CAD (Click At your own Discretion) disclaimer in the wall post to avoid newsfeed trauma or heart palpitations.

This will remain a "Closed Group" - all posts seen by members only and will not scroll through the side ticker (unless you are "friends" with their account).

Crochet Lounge Basics - Upon entering, please click through and read. You must comment that you have read through the Lounge Basics in order to post on the Lounge wall:

Please follow fb TOS as far as your posts.

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