The Cameroon Short Story

If you enjoy writing, reading, commenting on short stories, then you have come to the right place!
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CSS Administrative Team cannot thank you enough for your desire to embark on this unique and exciting journey. Founded on the concept of knowledge acquisition and transfer through creative interaction, CSS requires that all members contribute in a meaningful way without reserve.
Consequently, to remain a CSS member in good standing, the following rules and regulations are binding and must be respected:

1. Each and every member must produce at least one original short story (250-500 words) on a monthly basis.
2. Each and every member must provide constructive feedback on at least five stories on a weekly basis.
3. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. Material submitted must be your creation, and if applicable, reference material must be acknowledged appropriately.

1. Feedback should be clear, concise, directly related to the subject matter and redacted in an explanatory manner.
2. According to Walter Lippman, when all think alike, then no one is thinking. Therefore, it is perfectly normal to differ in opinion, and challenge your co-contributors if necessary, with due consideration given to the values and ethics below.
3. Under no circumstance should any active or ex member of this group reproduce or distribute any material submitted by other members either partially or wholly without prior written consent from either the author and/or a member of the CSS Administrative Team.

1. Members must refrain from employing derogatory language, exaggerated sarcasm and/or comments with a real or perceived intent to ridicule.
2. Mild crude humour is acceptable, but must be of good taste. In the absence of an exhaustive list, we call upon your good judgement on this aspect.
3. Respectful behaviour must be maintained at all times.

Periodic member evaluations will be carried out and members who default on their obligations will be promptly deleted from CSS. All material submitted to CSS remains accessible to CSS for the purpose intended, and cannot be withdrawn even after a member is deleted from the group.

We urge you to challenge your intellect and creativity and bring out the genie in you!

Thank you!

N/B: Active Members who do not wish to receive mailbox notifications of new postings should proceed as follows: Click on the “Notifications” icon located at the top right hand corner of the wall and edit your settings accordingly.


On the off chance that your comment disappears from the wall, please know for sure that it was due to a technical error [I have just experienced it first hand this morning].
Under no circumstance shall an administrator delete your comments without first letting you know at what point a line was crossed.

We encourage creativity and originality and we guarantee that no one will be ridiculed on this forum. Should an unpleasant exchange occur between members on this forum, please be advised that Administrators have the authority and responsibility to intervene swiftly to implement corrective measures.

We are convinced that members are capable of expressing themselves freely, without impugning on anyone’s integrity.

Thank you kindly and welcome aboard!