Creative Talents Unleashed "Writers Group"

We are a core family of writers striving to make an impact with the words we share. We are here to uplift and support one another in our writing endeavors. All members of this group agree to participate and interact with one another. Please review the guidelines established for this writing group and comment below I agree to join this group.

Thank you. ~ CTU Publishing Group

Group Guidelines:

1. Only post 3 poems within 24 hour period. Anything after 3 will be deleted.

2. This is strictly a writing group, no Book Promos or Blog Links Accepted here. You may however provide your links at the bottom of your work so people have the option to view it.

3. Absolutely NO SPAM Prohibited, SPAMMERS will be reported and Banned!

4. Our Group is ENGLISH based, no other language permitted unless you offer translation.

5. We only accept original content, No sharing your work from other pages/groups. In short it means you must be present within the group to participate and post. You can’t comment and read other peoples work if you share to the group and never show up. We want to see you!

6. Incomplete poems with links navigating away from Fb will be deleted. Meaning, we want to read your entire piece of work and not have to navigate away from group to do so.

7. Any Spoken word or video must also have full text accompanying it. We want to be able to read your work as well as hear or see it. Thank you.

8. If you offer a fellow writer critique please do so with respect. It is kind if you ask the writer if they would like to receive constructive feedback. Some writer’s don’t want it.

9. Admins have the right to delete/remove your work without warning for non-compliance of guidelines.

10. Members are encouraged to submit writing, comment, 'Like' and participate in the group.

11. NO DROP AND RUN work permitted. If you post here, we should also see your interaction with other writers as well. We are notified of your posts and can see if you are participating or not. The general rule is read a few poems and if you feel moved to like/comment do so before you drop your own piece. We can’t be a writing “GROUP” without interaction! No participation = your post not being approved.

Together let’s unleash our creative talents and share them with the world!

Creative Talents Unleashed is affiliated with CTU Publishing Group. We will be looking to recognize and honor talented writers and may share your work on our Facebook Page or Blog. Please enjoy your writing experience with us and feel free to utilize the daily writing challenges and prompts offered through Creative Talents Unleashed.

Thank you for your participation,
Creative Talents Unleashed Admin Team

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