Cambridge University Korean Society

To join this group, please e-mail support at with your current position and your purpose to join us. This is due to impostors using the information on this page to act as a Cambridge graduate. Many thanks for your co-operation.

CUKS is a non-profit organization for Korean students in Cambridge University, representing around 100 members. In contrast to the great number of Korean students in American universities, there have until recently been a few in Cambridge. However, owing to their hard work, determination and enthusiasm, the number of Korean students rewarded with the honour of studying in Cambridge has grown. As a result, an ever-increasing number of Korean students are studying in Cambridge in a variety of subjects.

The society aims to help fellow Korean students in Cambridge to meet each other - although membership is open to anyone of any nationality. Above all, we strive to encourage lively communication among our members and to enhance their Cambridge experience by organizing a series of special events, strengthening the bonds of friendship among our members.

We believe that CUKS is one of the most active organizations among University Societies. We welcome any support and contributions from both individuals and companies who would like to promote the unity and the well-being of all Korean students in Cambridge University.

In order to carry out our mission, we will endeavour to provide a warm and encouraging environment for our members. Active communication and mutually warm relations among our members are our highest goals and most important priorities.