Hello this group was created to share THE BEST WAYS YOU CAN MAKE... MONEY ONLINE AND FREEBIES!!! Please do not post your own business opportunities as I created this for friends, family and the general public or anyone that is interested. To anyone that post their own business opportunities in this group YOU WILL BE BANNED. I want to be able to help others make extra income any way possible whether it be
full-time, part-time or something on the side and be of assistance with
SUCCESS. Also please note no one in this group is UNDER ANY OBLIGATION TO JOIN OR BUY ANYTHING FROM ANY OF MY BUSINESSES!!! This is simply to keep all you informed and up to date on what business opportunities I am apart or plan on seeking should you be interested!!!! This group will also be for training, support, tips, guidance, and learning tools for anyone in my businesses or that is on my team or needs help with starting their own work from home business. PLEASE NOTE ALL BUSINESSES that I am apart of or plan on joining will be thoroughly researched, have a high trust rating, and backed by the "BBB" known as the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!!!! I am here to help you succeed 150% so please reach out to me if you have any questions on any of my opportunities and thanks for joining THE BEST WAYS YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE AND FREEBIES!!! I will also be updating this group daily with any new LEGITIMATE business opportunities, training, support, tips, guidance, learning tools, and files etc to help anyone succeed should all be interested in joining!!!

Welcome to the business known as Internet/Network Marketing!!!!