DJI Osmo Owners Group

The only OSMO owners group that DJI has endorsed and ran by DJI ...staff and enthusiasts.

This is the place for you to discuss, assist, find tips and tricks on DJI OSMO

Some rules:
* No selling
* Support all users in a helpful manner. Everyone has an opinion. It may not be yours but please respond in a positive and supportive manner.
* We encourage users to express themselves. However, comments that harass, intimidate, threaten or are otherwise deemed as not supportive will result in an immediate banning of the user. This is not a place to denigrate DJI users or DJI as a company. There other venues for that if you are so inclined.
* No promotion of other groups or pages, this is about your work, share this.
* Share any info or news you hear about drones, let's keep everybody informed!
* Have fun and keep the conversation going.

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