1974-1977 C-Body Dodge Monaco Bluesmobile

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This group is dedicated to the love, enjoyment, and preservation of C-Body 74-77 Dodge Monaco's. If it's a Bluesmobile, a Roscoe, a real Police Pkg, or a 33k mile all original bone stock Monaco you are welcome here to post, ask questions, or share your knowledge. Most of us here are Blues Brothers fans and own or have owned 74-77 Monaco's/Bluesmobiles. If you don't like modified Monaco's i.e. Bluesmobiles, etc then you won't like this page. We love both plain Jane factory stock, and modified Monaco's.

If you have a car for sale you can post it here, as well as parts for 74-77 MONACO'S or any MOPAR up to 1981! Any ads posted for cars after 1981 will be deleted. Ads posted without the price or location will be deleted. 1 bump per day! Don't be bumping all day or your ad will be deleted and you will be thrown out of the group!

The official language of this group is ENGLISH! Thank you! :) However we welcome, and encourage all brothers and sisters around the globe with a love for Dodge Monaco's!

NO POSTING OF USED DEMO DERBY CARS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED! You have your own pages for that shit!

So if ya love your old 74-77 C Body Dodges, Mopars, and like to hang out with us interlopers and have some fun, learn a thing or two, and shoot the shit about everything Monaco/Mopar/Movies with Mopars in them you have found the right place! Hell I might even throw in a few FB bucks if ya help out with the lubes, and put the toilet paper on the little spools!

Welcome Monaco/Mopar fans!

We here at 1974-1977 C-Body Dodge Monaco Bluesmobile love all Mopars and Mopars in movies and all post pertaining to that are welcome.

Go tear up some Rice Burners or something made in the last 20 years at least! Geeezzz oh Pete! :)

No spam or trolls will be tolerated, if I or an admin doesn't think your post is relevant to the group, I or an admin will delete it. If you give me "Huey" or any of my dedicated hard working admins trouble we will delete your post and ban you. We don't like bullshit or bullshitters! Act like a punk and you will be treated like one and shown the door!

We have a bullshit detector so tread lightly!

There are 3 Main Man rules here that will be strictly enforced, don't slam another members ride, don't be a jerk, and don't mock what you don't understand.

Again we welcome you! :)

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