East Fife Market Place

This page is for all people local or otherwise,(with the exclusion of business ad's) to advertise, selling, buying or giving something away free. It helps to keep things out of landfill, spread the word. If you need something, guaranteed someone of Facebook has it to sell or give away. All we ask is that you keep your posts friendly, civil and we respectfully request that you do not advertise animals, anything of this nature should be done through pet rescue pages, in the same vain, no selling is permitted of adult material, tobacco, firearms or alcohol. Any persons offering such for sale on the page will be removed. If you have more than THREE items for sale please can you consider other members and collaborate these posts in an album. By doing so it allows for other members to list items without the need of "bumping"them up the page to be viewed easily. Any rude or abusive comments will also cause you to be deleted from the page. Thank you for reading.

Bumping Policy

1. You may bump your item once every 24 hours.

2. You may bump a maximum of 8 items per 24 hour period. This includes adding comments to the item. If you do this, please wait a further 24 hours.

3. Trying to get around the rules by deleting your original post and relisting is NOT acceptable.

4. Those that continue to break the rules will be removed from the group

Heather & LIz x