East Valley Boutique

I started this group to be an 'Etsy' type place for boutiquers! Feel free to post anything handmade you've created or any boutique items you'd like to sell. Please don't sell your yard sale type items or used items. This group is specifically for those who would normally sell their items at a boutique. Be aware that some prices may seem higher, due to the time/material cost it takes to make a product by hand & from wholesale prices. Also, if you're not local, there may be a shipping fee. Feel free to invite your friends to this group! (They will added after admin's approval) This group is now open to anyone, anywhere!

Post a picture of the item you're selling and write a description about it. Let the buyers know the number of that product you have available and/or color, or if you need to make/order more, and how long that would would take. Please put your crossroads in the description, if you're an AZ (East Valley) local. Also, put a shipping price for those not local. Sellers, please be fair in your pricing. This isn't a group to advertise your business, please only post actual items you have to sell. If you have issues with a buyer, try to work it out on your own before you email the administrators. I would advise you to use Pay Pal as a way for out of town buyers to pay. It's quick and much easier than waiting for payment!

Comment that you're interested and set up with the seller a time to meet up or to ship. If you say you're going to meet, please do. If you have to cancel, please don't no-show, let the seller know beforehand. Please Private Message (PM) your personal info for your safety, and please be considerate when it comes to meeting up with the seller. If you see that the seller lives far from you, don't expect them to come to you. Make the trip, or see if they would be willing to ship. If you have issues with the seller, try to work it out on your own before you email the administrators.

*Please note that your PM may not come through in your 'inbox'. Facebook (FB) has an 'other' folder that PM's go to if the person sending the message isn't your FB 'friend'. If you've sent a PM, let the person know, so they can know to check that folder.

Rules of the group:
*When a post gets commented on, it moves to the top of the page. You may "bump" your post by commenting with 'bump' or typing an asterisk (*). Please only bump your post no more than once a week to give time for others posts to be seen.

Be aware that others may make or sell similar items. Please be considerate and respectful of others. If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all! ;)

Rules of this group may change over time, so please stay aware. Play nice and we can all have a successful group!

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. The Administrator of this page ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY IN ANY OF THE SALES, COMMENTS OR POSTS OF OTHERS. If you are found to be abusing this group, you will be deleted!