Eco Green Products ( dispossable ) business opportunities

Say no to Plastics

To create awareness in people about harmfuln...ess of using Plastic carry bags and switch to Cloth or non-woven Bags.. we give business opportunity in non woven disposable products.

1. Light: Polypropylene is the main raw material ; specific gravity is 0.9 , is only third five , fleecy and touches well.
2. Flexibility : made up of micro fiber (2-3D) , dot by dot thermo-melt formed. Flexibility of products is suitable , comfortable.
3. Water resistance and breath ability : slices of Polypropylene and finished products resist water, breathable and easy to maintain and wash.
4. Non-toxic , Non—irritating : made of materials which catch up FDA standard, without other chemical composition , stable , non-toxic , no-toxic , no smell , safe for sensitive skin.
5. Anti-bacterial , Anti-chemical : Polypropylene is blunt chemical substances can protect in liquid from bacterial and insects ; antibacterial , alkali corrosion , erosion and the finished product will not affect sensitive skin