Online Out sourcing earning package for Beginners
Dear Internet... Users,

Greetings from E-com, the exclusive e-commerce organization in Bangladesh.

If you are an expert in out source online earning or if you are earning more than 10 thousand taka per month THIS mail probably is NOT for YOU. Please do not waste your time reading this message and please do not call us or mail us sending ill-motivated comments or queries. However, if you or your family members or dependents spend lots of idle time online, then you might continue reading the mail. It might help to increase the earning.

Please read the following message carefully. The message is written in easy English. If you do not understand this message you might probably would not be able to understand your work and in the process you might not be able to earn. Reading the message might take some time, but it will certainly give you the idea about our work and the project. Please do not call us until you are sure what you will talk about. Please do not ask generalized questions like "what service you are offering." If you do, we will ask you to read the main and call again.

We understand your interest to start working as out sourcing internet based worker. In recent time, some multi level marketing companies started cheating people by offering easy earning by clicking. What was not realistic and trustworthy. As a result all of them closed their business within very short period of time. And many people lost their hard earned money.

On the other hand, since 2009, we have been giving you online (captcha) based data entry work. It has been working fine for those who are serious about earning money. The work is time consuming and payment is not that high. We understand the concern, but the charateristics of work is like that. However, the work is consistent, and those who continued working on the project still earning money from it. Those who stopped working might consider the following proposal and re-start the work in combination with the new project. For your kind information, the captcha work in now 24 hour workable and you can work even faster the whole day, if you want.

We hope you remember the extra ordinary opportunities that to make you feel comfortable. For example, we introduced the trial id option so that you can get familiar with the work without investing much money. If you were serious, you kept working and earned money. Another facilities we given you is daily payment withdrawal option. Whenever you completed just 1000 correct entries, you got the payment, when you desired. Even on daily basis. Third option we gave you is, flexible payment system. We paid you in cash, by phone recharge and through formal banking channel or online payment system.

Thank you for being with us. Thank you for your continuous support and co-operation. Now, we would like to introduced you to another service. This will help you to work in combination with the captcha work or separately. Working along with captcha is wise choice for the sake of increasing your earning. This is kind of training program with two options open; either you take the payment via us or be guided to get payment directly from the employer right into your bank account.

All you have to do is, pay the training entry fee tk500, receive instruction for starting the work, then pay rest of the training fee. Then either visit our office for receiving training physically or get remote guidance over phone and through email from us. We will closely guide you till you cash out your payment through us or receive payment in your bank account.

Those who did not work with us earlier can start earning from online right now. Your complete package might cost you upto tk2000. And we can assure you that you will earn more than the amount paid within 1week, if you follow our instructions and guidance sincerely.

Best of Luck.

Waiting to start working with you.