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Welcome to the Facebook group of EduInfo. Our latest attempt to help others and a continuation to what we have been doing since the last few months.

Topics: Internships, Scholarships, Events and Competitions. In simple words, any education related query/doubt can be asked here.

What this group is meant for:

• Answering any education or career related query.
• Sharing any internship, scholarship, event or contest that you have come across.
• You can also give us any feedback or suggestion.

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• Make sure that you have googled enough on the same.
• Also go through the older posts to see your query hasn't been previously asked. Try to keep the group as clean as possible.
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• Don't abuse the members on the discussion area, wall or in group chat.

After you post the query/doubt:

• Please wait for some time before someone answers. We will surely reply to your query.
• Don’t hesitate to ask again, if your query hasn't been resolved.
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