Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Members Network :EKHC

The central mission of this group is nothing but to tie all Ethiopian evangelical christen who live around the world. We all are one family in Jesus Christ regardless of our background so if you fill you are left alone pleas fill free to join us, we love you in Christ love and we care for you .Seeing as information is the key aspect of our successes in the 21 century, on this page all members are encouraged to share any useful information as long as the information is true and supportive for the group members. Also we encourage all members of this group to pray for each others, for our country, for our church as well as for our leaders and world leaders. Finally while we are developing good and healthy relationship among christens we must pray and act to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all people around the world starting from our family and friends.

Thank you,
In Him