Kiribati Island Student Association (KISA)


KISA te rabwata teuana mai Fiji ae e bobotiia ataein ao unimwanen te reirei nte Uni level. KISA enang kinaki n anuana ae enang maam, kakateke ao tiaki mwaninga anuana ae ngaia e karika te unga n nano are te tarenabuak ni bwai nako, e nano ni mwakoro ao anang mwaiti kurikuri.

#Invite am KISA member ao nakeke a Interested n joining akea te kabuanibwai n anne naba, nakoraoi bwaai ni kabane!.

#KAIN TE TAIBORA, kamwa update ami group aio n news nako mairoumi (pls).

#Camera Man & Womahn kamwa "share" ami Img nami latest event bware eaonga n kaunga ara group aio.


.: VINAKA :.

Ami tabo ni bai;

GROUP RULEZ: For Anonymous Member (s)
1.This group prohibits discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ability or marital status.

2.This group prohibits the use of foul language.

3.Any member who disagrees with content of any post in any thread in accordance with above stated is responsible to alert any or all moderators with the link to or quote of the offending material and state their reasons in a clear manner.

4. All members are invited to participate in any discussion as long as their intent is respectful and considerate of all other participating members and the forum as a whole.

5. This group does not endorse the practice or coercion of any member that may bring bodily or mental harm to that member or anyone that they may come into contact with.

6. This group does not endorse activities where prohibited by law .

7. The moderators and administration reserve the right to remove any member at their discretion and will treat all clearly described or noted reports of offense on a case by case basis which may result in warnings, temporary or permanent bans of the instigating member(s) and participants.

8. The moderators and administration reserve the right to edit any post to remove offensive material and will attempt to preserve the intent of the original posting if it does not conflict with the above stated.

9. Any member who does not fulfill moderator's or administrator's request within the given time period, typically 24 hours, may be subject to warning, temporary or permanent ban. The requiste does have the right to appeal the request to all moderator's but will be subject to the consensus of the moderator staff who are available within the given time period.

10. Any spamming will result in an instant ban.

11. The administrators and moderators reserve the right the deny person's with fake profile or those with intention to spam on the walls entry into the group.

Thanks, Vinaka ao Ko Rabwa.