English Fm Station in Libya (Support Group)

Tripoli's METRO Fm ... Where music is our passion..

Initially this page was found to gather people who have similar interest in hearing the best of what radio can offer. Currently, at this phase we are in , is to make our sound be heard.!

We seek to launch a fully developed radio station that would air from Tripoli , Libya that can deliver a full set of programs 12 hours a day that constitutes of the latest musical, informative ,social and cultural programs which are our main objective.

Libyans or foreigners that live and work in Libya who would want to show support for the importance of creating an English speaking channel (Fm radio station). Please, show that you care by joining us in making this become a reality? It's equally important that we show why we are need of it in this day and age?

We are a team dedicated in making this channel one of the best in the land.By our thorough planning and extensive research, hopefully,you'll get maximum satisfaction while tuning in, whether your in your car at home or at the beach, the variety of programs and high quality sound would surely make you a regular..

What we seek is someone to be able to Sponsor us here in Libya and help our dream become a reality ....?

We would be delighted to hear any suggestions coming from private,cultural organizations , may it be domestic , foreign or public individuals who believe in our capability ?

Please, let our dream reach it's target by introducing this page to people who can help in this exciting times in Libya's history ...

Group Founder,Creator : Dafer Mohsen