English Vocabulary Group

Group Address : https://goo.gl/I5C0BV

This is an op...en group. You can learn English Vocabulary and Grammar here

Pre-requisite to join group:
1) Basic understanding of English
2) Read Group Guidelines (state below)

GROUP GUIDELINES: Read the guidelines before posting, commenting/communicating, or sending private messages

(*)Knowledge of BASIC ENGLISH to convey your idea and communicate with group members is MUST
(*) INTENTION and ENTHUSIASM to engage and enhance English language knowledge
(*) ACTIVE participation and discussion on English grammar, grammar rules and vocabularies
#3d -POST:
(*)Do not share external links.
(*)Upload an image(s) in group as an individual post rather than an external links or share post
(*)Plagiarism should be avoided. So, provide proper credit where necessary
[Posts/comments not abiding to above guidelines will be deleted]
(*)Communication should be strictly done in English (US/UK)
(*)Comments should NOT be in VERNACULAR language
(*)No one should use DEROGATORY, BELITTLING, OR PROFANITY while commenting
[Comments not abiding above guidelines will be deleted]
(*) Do not ask Direct Definition of word(s). Please REFER standard online or physical dictionary before asking such questions.
(*) DISCUSSION and CHALLENGES on grammar and vocabularies are encouraged in group
(*) DEBATE on grammar and vocabularies are discouraged in group
(*) Your challenge should not be based on your belief system. You should be able to provide reference from standard books or dictionaries
(*) NO HOME WORK questions
(*) NO Translation questions
(*) You need to establish communication in group by commenting/participating in post(s)
(*)Unless you are not well known your post and communication will not be perceptible to others.

Thanks for reading guidelines !